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Definition of the Marcove’s Politics of Quality, CORP. of Constructions.
The target of our quality policy is: offering to our clients a product fullfilling their expectations.
To reach this goal we believe in the implantation of a quality control throughout the whole firm.
We achieve this target by trying to avoid defects before they appear. We believe that prevention, prevision and constant improvement are the fundamental pilars to obtain our final object: the tendency to zero defects.

The other big goal we want to achieve is the implication of a quality system on everybody taking part in the production process: from management over technicians to administration and construction workers. We`d even like to apply a control and the requirement of fullfilment of this system to our subcontractors and industrialists

LGAI Technological Center
Certify that the system of quality of company MARCOVE. C/ Vallespir, 19. E-08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.

By the activities of:
· Urbanization and parcelación of lands and lots.
· Construction of buildings and facilities for residential and nonresidential use.
· Rehabilitation of buildings
· Construction and operation of complex facilities immobiliárias (joint tourist, commercial, recreational, …)

It is in agreement with the requirements of norm ISO- 9001:2000